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Model: elisassist one

Design: Benchtop system with single plate ELISA processing unit combining pipetting position, washer, incubator and reader on one module.

Liquid handling system: Pipetting by air displacement, disposable tips

Number of channels: 1

Specification of tips: 300uL, 800uL tips


Pipetting precision and accuracy:

Type of tip                   @Volume                   Accuracy               Precision (CV%)

300uL                                50uL                          1.0%                          <0.75%

800uL                               100uL                         1.0%                          <0.75%

Liquid handling speed:

1300sec     pipetting 100uL into 96-wells (inl. tip exchange)

160sec       pipetting 100uL into 96-wells (no tip exchange)

Liquid handling functions: Pipetting, dispensing, dilution, conjugation, aliquoting, multiple- and diversified dispensing\

Liquid level monitoring: Liquid level monitoring, clot monitoring and empty tube monitoring

Racks Samples | Reagents

   Sample tubes: >8x12=96 samples (standard tube diameter 13mm, other diamters on request)

   Reagent Racks: bottles / vials (16+7+5) in custom rack

ADC E180







- Large and high brightness OLED display, English language operation system

- 8 channels of optical fiber measurement system, 5 seconds for 96 holes detection

- With self-checking and diagnosis system, self-checking and automatic judge for optical

   road and other components. Automatic switch control by the light with energy-saving

   design, maximum extend the light source life.   

- With vibrating plate function, vibrate rate can be adjustable.

- Automatic single and dual wavelength measurement, with absorbance/ qualitative /

   quantitative / gene / enzyme dynamic and other detection methods.

- With quality control function, automatically provide quality data record for 31 days

   without an external computer, and also could provide average X value/SD/CV value

- Standard data output interface, convenient for data transmission and processing. 

Main Technical Parameters:

- Wavelength range: 300-800nm

- Filter standard configuration: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm; Maximum 10 filters can

   be mounted within 300nm-800nm at the same time.

- Calculation method: absorbance method, threshold value, straight-line method, interpolation method, linear regression method, semi-logarithm regression method, logistic regression method, logit-log method and quadratic curve method

- Reading rate: 5S for single-wavelength, 10S for dual-wavelength

- Linearity error: +-1.0%

- Absorbance accuracy: +-0.01A

- Measurement repeatability: <0.5%

- Channel difference: <0.01A

- Interface: RS232 two-direction communication interface, USB printer interface

- Power supply: 200 x (1+-10%) V, 50 x (1+-2%) Hz; 100VA

SHE 3000 Reader


SHE 3000.JPG

- English language menu, large OLED display, simple for easy operation

- Many cleaning methods to satisfy with different experimental requirements.

- Double pump without positive-negative pressure washing technology, to reduce the

   possible cross-contamination in fluid circulation.

- Pipeline automatic flush function, to reduce the blockage caused by solution


- With prevent spill function, overflow position can be adjustable.

- Two-point fluid absorption, the tow points distance can be adjustable

- With hole bottom rinse function, rinse time can be adjustable.

Main Technical Parameters:

- Cleaning pinhole type: 8 holes and 12 holes

- Enzyme plate type: 96 holes and 48 holes

- Cleaning lines: 1-12 lines with free setting

- Immersion time 0S-3600S

- Residual fluid amount: <2uL/hole

- Liquid injection range: 10uL-3000uL/hole, each hole can be controlled with per 10uL

- Vibrating plate: set freely within 1-20 times

- Procedure storage: 100 groups

- Power supply: 220 x (1+-10%) V, 50 x (1+-2%) Hz

SHW 1000 Washer


SHW 1000.JPG
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